Wednesday, March 25, 2009

soar throat

21 March 2009

Haircut and soar throat :(
went to KL Plaza near Pavillion to cut my hair.
it took bout almost 2 hours to do my hair.
not satisfied with the ugly.
Went to pavillion,walking down the stairs, saw a clown
After eating, when walking up the stairs,
the clown came to approach my mum
bout some lucky draw
the clown is my sister's dream husband
2nd day
my sister is scared of clown
tat y i say its her dream husband XD
came home, sleep and went to church XD
went to church bout 5:00 for mass
came home bout 7,came on9
went to tesco bout 8 (hate tat place)
ate diner at 9 and had a soar throat
came home at 10 :)

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